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  • The Actress and Bishop
  • 02 Academy 3

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The Catapult Club

Birmingham’s Premier Independent Promoter



1989 – 2014



The Catapult Club



    • Fri 24 October 2014

      The Rainbow - Goodbye2Yesterday / Savannah / Jump the Shark / Static Irony

    • Fri 24 October 2014

      The Bull's Head - The Strangest Feeling / Sunshine Bloom / Ondahwun / Contact

    • Fri 24 October 2014

      The Actress and Bishop - Casino / Meme Detroit / Hyena

    • Sat 25 October 2014

      Oobleck / The Custard Factory - Hightower / Blue Nation / Nerve Centre / Masshouse Circus / Breeze

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    The Catapult Club is a live music promotion and management company based in Birmingham founded in 1989.

    The Catapult Club promotes live gigs in Birmingham several nights a week at 02 Academy 3, The Rainbow Courtyard, Oobleck, The Victoria, Subside as well as acting as in house promoter for The Actress and Bishop with various one off shows in other venues in the region.

    The promotions side of the company mainly deals with local band showcases – if you are a midlands based act please feel free to get in touch and we can happily sort you out with some shows.

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